Residential Solutions

Home Connectivity Solutions

Still don’t have good internet options for your home?

Fiber is not available. Satellite is expensive. A wired internet solution just does not exist.

You don’t have to live off the grid any longer. Affordable high speed wireless internet with 98% reliability exists from Spot Wireless. Streaming TV, online gaming, and other digital lifestyles are now available to your family.

Home Redundancy Solutions

Working from home doesn’t mean you have to compromise.

Remote workers are still critical workers, and losing a this worker for an extended amount of time means losing money.

Having an inexpensive back up to your current internet service not only assures you team can continue to work remote, but makes sure you have provide for the success of your business.

Travel and Mobility Solutions

Vacationing shouldn’t mean leaving everything behind.

Traveling in an RV or vacationing away from it all shouldn’t mean losing touch with everything and everyone, (or even your favorite Netflix binge watch).

A personal hotspot or router from Spot Wireless allows you to relax and watch your favorite shows, download a travel guide, or use your laptop to stay connected to the world.