Business Solutions

Businesses need to stay connected no matter what.

We’ll help manage all your business connectivity needs, from our proprietary eSIM router or mobile gotSPOTS, to our wide range of data plans, all tailored for your specific business needs. Whether it's keeping your sales team connected on the road, having back up internet when the power goes out, or running a security system, SPOT Wireless provides turnkey solutions that can be scaled according to your needs. We also have one of the strongest in-house customer service teams, and pride ourselves on our ability to support our customers quickly and efficiently.

Our solutions provide the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape and a full range of state of the art hardware and visual management tools to provide clear insights into your business uses.

Business Travel Solutions

On the road again?

For employees on the go, we ensure your team members have reliable, affordable internet that remains secure, portable, and spot on.

Never have to ask for a password again, worry about who else is on the network or wonder if a wifi signal is strong enough. Your personal hotspot is reserved just for you.

Business Continuity relies on Back up Solutions.

Be prepared when the unexpected happens.........

Make sure your business keeps functioning, even when you’re faced with uncertainties. Power outages, ice, snow, plague of locusts. Keep your business up and running with a reliable back up plan, and don't miss a beat.

Businesses that experience and extended internet outage loose thousands of dollars every hour they are not able to work and process critical business functions. Having a solution that allows important tasks to be accomplished, like ringing up customers, makes a lot of sense or is it cents…you choose.

Remote Area Solutions

The middle of nowhere is somewhere.......

No matter where you’re operating your business, we have the most expansive coverage, even in remote areas, to keep you and your team connected.

Put your equipment and people anywhere you need them. Monitor activity and ensure everything is working correctly when you need to. Grow your business without the need for wires.

Temporary Internet Solutions

From events to temporary remote offering.......

For temporary, flexible solutions, we provide only what you need, as long as you need us.

What did you learn over the last two years? We can’t always control where you can work from and where you work cannot limit your ability to support your customers. We offer month to month plans so you can be assured that no matter what communication you need you can take care of business.

Landline and Fax Solutions

Still have an old telephone or fax line?

If you are still utilizing faxing of documents, and don't want to transition that phone number, this is the simple solution to keep your information flowing.

With the 2022 final decommissioning of plain old telephone and fax lines, finding a solution is critical for a seamless transition. Don’t worry, it is not hard, but does have to be done correctly. We can provide the solution you need and guide you through the process, so you don’t lose this important tool for your business.